Walk’N’Run Services

ExcersingAt Rodz’N’Dogs we make sure your dog’s day is a safe and happy one. Your dog will enjoy a fun packed day socialising with other dogs, running in our secure paddock and playing in our fenced play area. All of it under the constant 1:2:1 supervision of Rod Drinkwater, an experienced dog handler and fully qualified pet first aider.

Enclosed excersise areaOur aim is for your dog to come home, relaxed, contented, and looking forward to their next day with us. It’s why, unlike other walking services, we never have more than 12 dogs in our care. We do operate a waiting list so call today and make sure your name gets added!

We carefully vet each new dog that attends making sure they fit in with those already here because above all we want your dog’s time with us to be a calm and happy one. It’s why we ask you to commit to one day a week when you come for day care as all our dogs are regulars. It means he or she will enjoy a relaxed and happy day running with dogs they know.

Because we have a range of facilities we can also cater for dogs of all ages. Young dogs may want to be out and about all day, running in our secure paddock or fenced play area, older dogs may just want to chill. You can be assured though that whatever fun things they do it will all be supervised by Rod and his staff.


Play TimeWhether your dog is shy or opinionated we will help them make new friends through positive play in a safe and supervised environment. Our Walk’N’Run service offers the perfect environment for your puppy or dog to learn to socialise with other dogs and humans. Rod, Tony and Bev have over 30 years’ experience working with dogs and will help your puppy or dog learn the finer points of doggy etiquette. We know some dogs are nervous and we are here to help build their confidence. We know others are super confident and need to learn to step back. We are here to help all dogs learn to be social and enjoy being part of the pack.  As we only accept social dogs, and unlike other larger day care services, our numbers are restricted, your puppy or dog will not be at risk of getting hurt or being bullied.

“Reluctant to tell all about Rodz’N’Dogs as Bracken and Wiggins want him all to themselves!! Rod was introduced to the boys in September – Wiggins being a highly strung 2-year-old working cocker and Bracken an old (15 years) gentle GSP. Rod spending quality time playing and interacting with them has worked wonders on Wiggins who at the start was wary of strangers-especially men! We have also used Rodz’N’Dogs to care for the boys over the weekend – not to be described as kennels but more of a home from home stay. Cannot recommend Rod highly enough.” Marie Hall

Rodz’N’Dogs – Walk’N’Run is open Monday to Friday from 7:30am – 18:00pm 

* Give us a call now on 01568 797 687 and come and see us in action. You can also email us at rod@rodzndogs.co.uk