Grooming training

Grooming Prices

Full groom includes Flea Treatment Shampoo, Wash, Brush, nail clipping and any specific requirements you may have asked for

Small dogs, (such as Jack Russells/ Pugs/ French Bull Dogs) –  £30 

Large short haired dogs, ( such as Weimaraner, Labrador, Gun Dogs, Border Collies) – £40

Large long haired dogs, (such as Setters, Wool Coat Poodles, German Shepherds) – £50 +

£6 per Dog Nail Clipping

*Prices are subject on condition of dog, (exceeding matting will be charged extra)

Night Care

Dog Kennel Sitting Prices

For Dog Kennel Sitting one day is classed as 24 hours.

1 dog – £15:00 per kennel 24 hours

2 dogs per kennel – £25:00 per 24 hours

Doggy Pla

Walk’N’Run Prices 

A day is 7:30am – 18:00pm and you can drop off or pick up your dog at any time within those hours. If you need to drop your dog off earlier or pick them up later please let us know prior to their day with us. 

11 Hours £12.50 a Dog per kennel

11 hours £20 for 2 dogs per kennel from the same household.